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New name and new inspiration 

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In July 2021 I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order after 8 years in training and have a new Buddhist name

During the 5 weeks I was away I spent two weeks at a retreat centre where I was ordained and given my new name; Lilasuri (pronounced lee-la-sure-e) which means 'Playful heroine on the Path to Awakening'.

I didn't choose the name it was given to me, and thankfully I liked it instantly, phew!! I then spent two week with two friends who were also ordained walking from the retreat centre near Brecon in Wales to Ledbury, Herefordshire, a total of 80 miles. We camped along the way and walked through the most beautiful countryside. We then spent a week on a meditation retreat.

So what does this mean for Wild Awake Mindfulness?
Other than the change of my name, not much really, its business as usual, however as my name suggests, there is always time for play! Play in the sense of the spontaneous arising of boundless creativity that connects through awe and wonder to all life. So if that sounds like something you would like to try then hopefully we can explore that together at a Wild Awake event. 

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