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Learn Mindfulness

Lilasuri (Claire) offers face to face or Zoom coaching in mindfulness and meditation 

As an accredited Breathworks and MBSR teacher, trainer and Supervisor Lilasuri follows the Mindfulness for Stress or Mindfulness for Health model with sessions being tailored to the clients needs. Session times range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and span on average between 5- 12 sessions depending on what the client needs and what she feels would be the most appropriate approach. 

At each session clients will experience being led in meditations, they will learn about the key concepts of mindfulness and how to apply them in daily life using examples from the clients personal experience to ensure that each session is tailored to them. The Little Mindfulness Workbook will be used at each session as a framework for the sessions and clients will be expected to read from the book and meditate between sessions using the Breathworks audio meditations which will be supplied at the first session. The client will be coached in meditation and examples will be used from the world of mindful leadership, mindful compassion, cognitive therapy, stress management and nature to support learning and understanding

What previous clients have said:

'Receiving mindfulness coaching from Claire has been life changing. I wanted to change things in my life because i was experiencing work related stress and losing my best friend and father in close succession left me experiencing trauma.


Mindfulness has helped me to deal with stress, anxiety and trauma. I recognise that there is more to life than work and stress and that if i want to change then that is down to me not anyone else. I give myself credit for not feeling guilty for taking care of myself.


Its a journey I am on now, i am on the right track to having a better life, and i am going to carry on the mindfulness and kindfulness which will continue to have a positive impact not just for me but for my family, friends and colleagues. I feel like a different person'

Roger Khoryati, Managing Director MCD Manchester Ltd

'I experienced mindfulness for the first time at Claire's mindfulness in the woods events and instantly felt happier, like a weight had been lifted. My work was stressful and I felt like I had lost touch with who I was and had feelings of doubt and insecurity.


Claire was great at taking time to find out what I needed and tailoring the sessions. I found meditating hard at first and now after a few months I notice the difference in my mood if i don't meditate.  I am happier and feel more content. I still get stressed but it doesn't consume me anymore and I know what to do about it'

                                                                                                                                                                                           Sally Hames, University Lecturer

'I told my Dr I was doing mindfulness and he gave me a big thumbs up! I had been struggling with insomnia and my mind would go haywire, within weeks of taking up mindfulness I found that I could sleep straight through.


My relationship to people has softened and i find i talk to people when walking the dog which i wouldn't have done before. Its nice to talk to people because you never know what they are going through and a little chat might make all the difference. I will go on enjoying mindfulness, it gives me great pleasure. I am right there in the film now not just watching the film'

Marjorie Murphy, Retired

' I hadn't realised that bringing more kindness to myself through meditation would be so difficult, before i started the mindfulness coaching i thought i was already being kind to myself, now I realise that i wasn't enjoying life as much as i could do.


I now regularly 'check-in' by paying attention to how i feel and I look for signs and reactions to stress or anxiety. I now experience positive feelings everyday - i don't have to wait until i go on holiday to enjoy life!'

                                                                                                                                                               Rachael Maskill, Environment Planning Specialist

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