We believe that everyone can have a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and the world around them by being more mindful. We love working outside because we know that being in nature opens up our hearts to possibility and therefore our potential to be our best self. From this deeper connection we feel more at ease, calmer and can live a life that feels fulfilling and is Wild Awake

You don’t have to climb a mountain to experience nature- it is all around us! We specialise in engaging people with nature on their doorstep in local parks, nature reserves, country parks and local woodlands. Interest in the link between mindfulness and nature has been boosted lately by Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing which was introduced in Japan as a way to help people manage their stress by reconnecting back to nature. We follow the same principles as Shinrin Yoku. So whether you have signed up for a Mindfulness Walk, Candlelight Meditation in the Woods, a Forest Immersion Session or a One-to-One Session, we will bring nature to you.


If you cant find the Event you are looking for then please get in touch. Also if you have an idea for an Event, let us know, we are always happy to chat about how we can tailor an experience to your individual, community or business needs.

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Events & Courses

  • Meditate with Nature - now in-person and on zoom
    Meditate with Nature - now in-person and on zoom
    Various throughout Oct-Dec
    Various throughout Oct-Dec
    Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER, UK
    Guided meditations live from nature into your home via zoom or in-person at The Whitworth. **TO BOOK EMAIL francine.hayfron@manchester.ac.uk***
  • Free Nature walks for Adults and Families: Highfield Country Park
    Various throughout Oct and Nov see image
    Various throughout Oct and Nov see image
    Manchester, Manchester M19 2RY, UK
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