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What happens if it rains?


When we are being mindful in nature we engage our senses and are encouraged to stop, pause, notice, take a breath and respond to situations rather than react out of habit. A bit of rain can help us to become more aware of our habitual tendencies of likes, dislikes and not bothered's!


We never continue a session if it is torrential rain or stormy for health and safety reasons. We will go ahead if there is a bit of rain and therefore advise that you dress appropriately for the weather and your comfort. 

When the session is longer (over 2 hours) and seated (ie not a mindfulness walk) we will provide shelter and if possible a campfire. 


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Are events suitable for beginners?


Yes all the events (unless otherwise stated) and suitable for beginners. You will be carefully guided by a trained and qualified teacher. We have lots of different people attending the events, some come on their own, others with friends or family, everyone regardless of whether they are beginners or an old hand at meditation will find something in the sessions for them.

Can i bring my dog, young child, partner?


Yes to the partner, friend, colleague, mum, dad etc, all adults welcome. Due to the nature of the event we cant accommodate children. Very sorry. We welcome young people aged 16-18 if they are accompanied by a parent/ responsible adult.


In relation to dogs, we love dogs and all creatures, however not everyone does, so we need to factor this in when creating an experience that everyone can enjoy. So please leave your beloved at home. If your pal is a guidedog then please get in touch. 

Are events accessible for wheelchair users?


Some sites are yes; Highfield Country Park for example in Levenshulme. Other sites are not due to the nature of the landscape for example Hollingworth Lake Country Park is an 'off road' experience. Please contact us to find out more and we can answer any queries you may have. We want to make all the events accessible to as many people as possible and to do this we need to hear your views.

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