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We offer a range of support and experiences for Workplaces that are tailored to suit the needs of your business


Lilasuri is experienced and knowledgeable about well-being in the workplace. With over 15 years senior management experience in the Arts ands culture, and Environmental sector Lilasuri has developed and implemented well-being training and policies which have enhanced morale and had a positive impact on how staff feel about the organisation which has then boosted the businesses reputation as a employer that cares for its staff.  


She is a qualified Mindfulness and Resilience Trainer and also brings with her experience in mindful leadership, mindful compassion, cognitive therapy, stress management and nature. Lilasuri is uniquely positioned to bring about not only strategic changes within your organisation but also direct positive changes to individuals that enhance their experience of work and their life outside of work. Creating happier, healthier, more emotionally resilient and less stressed individuals.


'We were already doing well in regards to well-being and staff seemed happy. However it was great to review this, and what we found was there were areas where staff felt we could be doing better, its these small details, these underlying attitudes that she was able to bring to the surface. Through this process we have created a stronger culture of transparency and trust and staff are happy and motivated by the changes we have implemented'. Kath Rosen, CEO, The Orchard Project 


For a more detailed background of Lilasuri (Claire) work history and experience please go to the LinkedIn Profile 

Mindfulness Workplaces Business Manchest
Mindfulness in the workplace Manchester

Claire delivers insightful and enjoyable workshops which make mindfulness accessible and strips it of any misconceptions. We asked Claire to deliver her workshop to both our internal team and a group of external clients and it was extremely well received by both groups. We would highly recommend Wild Awake Mindfulness to any team looking to improve stress management and promote mental well-being.  James Massey, Director, TACE Ltd

Workplace Well-being; from tasters to 8 week Mindfulness for Stress Courses

Research shows that having a regular meditation practice increases your awareness and improves concentration, you are likely to sleep better, it will help you to manage stress more effectively, increases your immune system and gives you more balanced emotions with the reduction of anxiety and low mood. Mindfulness significantly reduces the risk of workplace burnout which is now recognised by the World Health Organisation as an 'occupational disease'.

Choose from:

* Full or half day stress management and resilience training. Learn how to incorporate stress management techniques and mindfulness into your daily life.

* The award winning Breathworks mindfulness model. An eight week Mindfulness for Stress Course; 2 hours per week. The gold standard for mindfulness training, a fully immersive experience. The course includes; teaching and led meditations, group discussion, peer learning, access to a course workbook 'The Little Mindfulness Workbook', access to mp3 led meditations and weekly emails including extra material. The majority of participants who have attended these courses have found them to be life changing. 

* Taster sessions from 1 to 1.5 hours; an introduction to mindfulness including group interaction and led meditations

* Guest speaker; for example the Panel Talk at No1 Spinningfields (promotion below)

Mindfulness Manchester Workplace Busines
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Looking for an alternative Team Away Day? Forest Immersion for Teams 

1Forest Immersion Unique Team Days_ Wild
Mindfulnessin Nature for Teams_2.jpg

We have worked with many organisations from the public and private sector in creating Forest Immersion experiences for teams. We recognise that being out in nature offers a neutral space where people can be with colleagues in a non-work setting which is important in building relationships and trust. Having contact with nature helps us to feel calm and connected which means we are able to engage in a deeper way more than if we are inside a purpose built environment. 

Click on the image to download a pdf of the brochure

'Thank you for Monday. Doing the session with you before the strategy meeting in the afternoon meant that the team felt connected and relaxed, which after such long time apart during COVID was really important especially as people had felt nervous about coming back into the workplace. All the team have been positive on their feedback; It’s the best mindfulness session I’ve attended!! Claire was relaxed and that created a nice vibe and a real open and honest environment, which is credit to her demeanour' Ashleigh Owen, Visitor Team Manager, The Whitworth 

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