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You can find more videos on the Wild Awake YouTube Channel 

Short Led Meditations in Nature: 4-15 mins long

Meditating on the sounds of nature: 8 mins
Mindfulness of breathing: 9 mins
Wave and breath meditation: 4 mins
Meditating on the elements: 14 mins
Mountain Meditation: 19 mins

A special 45 minute morning mindfulness session in partnership with City of Trees for #GMTreemonth includes two meditations; an Earthing practice and a visualisation of your favourite park 

A-Z of Mindfulness and Nature Connection: a series of short videos and an Ilustrated Guide to download

Each video covers up to six letters of the alphabet and is a guide to being mindful in nature. Spend a week with the letters in each video. Take your time, there is no rush, and most of all enjoy.

In partnership with The Whitworth and The Natural and Cultural Health Service which is a programme of outdoor activities that promote good physical and mental wellbeing. From Meditating in Nature, Tai-Chi for Wellbeing to Gardening for good health (GROW), at the Whitworth there is something for everyone, every week.

A_Z Mindfulness and Nature ConnectionWil
A-Z Mindfulness and Nature Connection Wi

Click on the image to access your free Illustrated downloadable pdf Guide to the A-Z of Mindfulness and Nature Connection. I had so much fun designing the Guide, I hope you enjoy it and find it a source of inspiration.

''I have watched the videos and absolutely love them. I am noticing more when I go out for a walk and because of this I feel much happier. I have been slowing down and watching the clouds which I wouldn't have done before. Claire is full of enthusiasm and knowledge it is hard not to enjoy the videos'' Shannon, Chester 

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