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My Mindfulness Story

Whilst suffering from a period of mental ill health, depression and anxiety in 2002 a friend and I attended a meditation class at the Manchester Buddhist Centre. Through bouts of suppressed nervous laughter and not being able to sit for longer than a few minutes, I gave it up thinking it wasn’t for me. A few years later, after a major crisis of confidence and despair, I decided to give it another go and it changed  my life forever!

Within weeks, the things that had been dragging me down; low self- esteem, anxiety and loneliness- disappeared. It turns out I had the answer already, it was within me, I just needed help to access it. Wild Awake Mindfulness is driven by my belief and first-hand experience that Mindfulness works, and it can work for you too.


I left a senior role in the environmental sector to focus on sharing Mindfulness with individuals, businesses and communites. I also wanted to create opportunities for people to experience Mindfulness in the natural environment. I grew up being dragged (lovingly) from one peak to the next and although I didnt appreciate the feel-good factor then, i do now.  I believe that everyone can have a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and the world around them by being in nature. I love working outside because I know that being in nature opens up our hearts to possibility and therefore our potential to be our best self. From this deeper connection we feel more at ease, calmer and can live a life that feels fulfilling and is Wild Awake

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